Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tasty food in small packages...Happy year of the goat!

For Lunar New Year, 10 of friends got together to make potstickers, sesame balls, and other tasty Chinese treats.  These labour intensive little treats were made with asian influences and an organic hippie twist!  Beautiful and delicious.

Food from my childhood...kind of!  We didn't eat this everyday but sometimes.  To be honest I am not really sure if it was for special occasions or just when we happened to have them.  I do remember watching my mom make these things and didn't really appreciate how much work and fine motor skills it took to assemble these cute little packages.

Happy Year of the Goat!  (no goat was harmed in the making of this blog!)


  1. I would love to learn to make this kind of food — I love sesame balls! I like the bit about not knowing whether it was for special occasions or just because.

    1. The sesame balls are always fun...but they were trickier than expected. Should have a pot sticker assembly line party one day!

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