Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ai Wei-Wei at the AGO

Last month I visited the Ai Wei-Wei exhibit at the AGO.  I was fascinated by the art pieces inspired by Ai Wei-Wei and built by his team of artists.  His passion for living, making ethical choices, and doing the right thing even if it puts his own life and well-being in danger is seen through each of his displays.

Man sits and listens to NAMES of children who died when public school buildings collapsed during an earthquake in China.  Ai Wei-Wei exposed these names previously hidden by the government on FB and Twitter.

Ai Wei-Wei's famous "self-portraits" in front of significant monuments
Respect Life, Never Forget
One rebar removed from collapsed public schools per child killed in an earthquake.  In the background people observe photos of Ai dropping an ancient vase in front of national building.

All patrons captured by Ai's works and messages.