Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A modern-day barn raising

An anonymous donor gifted a 4-plex to the Threshold Housing Society  to be used to house youth. Located in Victoria, this building is in a prime location because of its proximity to transit and will house up to 8 vulnerable youth.  But it needs a massive renovation to make it safe and sustainable for years to come. It needs a HeroWork Radical Reno!  

multiple contractors collaborating

If you see yourself or part of your team in an image, message me and I would love to send you a hi-res digital copy.

refurbishing donated pieces
getting into small spaces



takes a lot of donations

a gift of massage for volunteers


doesn't every project needs a mascot?


a lot of work



some people don't need a ladder

well fed

Leona Fowler's photo shows that volunteer shirts indeed need to vary in sizes!

Mexican Midget

This pretty little mexican midget tomato was the smallest of this years harvest!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Double fisting weddings

About a month ago I double fisted the weddings of 2 sets of friends.  

I started the day photographing and I continued to document for most of the day.  

I don't really think of myself as a wedding photographer.  I more of a document photographer.  I see things as they happen and record things as they come so that these moments later can retell the story.  Here are a few moments in the day that make me smile when I see them.

While Tasha waited with composure...

...Aaron was getting a bit excited.

So he danced down the aisle to the theme song from THE A TEAM!

During the day Aaron scrambled for his camera to take images of his wife...

...and carried polaroids in his pocket.

They walked together.

And, are they negotiating something?

At one point, I was the fast handed photographer, parasol operator, and friend who rescued Tasha and Jessica from a flock of birds overhead.

Later there was some cake and some face making.

 There was some leading and following...


 And dancing.

By the time I reached the second wedding, there was time to sit on the barley field on the eve of the super moon.  I was still documenting but my photos got a little wackier and more chill.