Saturday, July 4, 2015

"Happy ~ ♡ I said many times? (laughs)"

 With a friend from the old days
Into the deep woods...
To the sea...

Trekking on a hike

Tremendous energy is releasing and is given from nature!

Happy ~ ♡
I said many times? (laughs)

So honest to say I'm glad ^ ^

By Chisayo Hasegawa 
(with some unexpected help from Google translate) 


This week my friend from Japan returned to visit her second home...Victoria.  It was amazing to reconnect and to spend sometime at two of my favorite places...the ocean and the forest.  The forest is so rooted and grounding.  I spent a while lying on the forest bottom staring at the canopy and amazed at the size  and shapes of the old and new growth...realizing that humans are indeed small! 


Avatar Grove 

Botanical Beach


A roadside stop overlooking the clear cut on West Coast Road is a reminder that to some people, the forest isn't sacred.  Not the most cheerful sight...clear cut...but I think it's important for people to see it in order to understand the need to support more viable options. The reality is that only 26% of the old growth is left on the Southern Coast of BC and if not protected the numbers continue to fall.  The trees or the "lungs of the earth" and homes to many different animals and plants.  As wood based products are beautiful and wonderful, it is hard to watch the old growth taken for granted.  Hopefully by sharing my images of the old growth will help you also come to finding ways to help protect these trees and regions.

 Highway showdown ;)