Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rowing in frosty, snowy weather...impressive

Dedicated rowers and coaches on a very snowy, frosty day at Beaver and Elk Lake.  You can see the snow on the boat and there were little icy islands all about.  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Victoria Film Festival 2017 Gala...under the white umbrellas!

Victoria Filmfestival 2017 opened Saturday night with a "spring" themed gala, under the twinkle lights and white umbrellas at the Atrium building.  The glass elevator and organic architecture made for some magical images.

Sometimes, I wonder, do I like it in colour or in black and white more?  Sometimes I just don't know.  I love colour, but I also love the magic or illusion created by black and white imagery.  

I do know that I like to shoot with ambient light and push the limits of available light, shooting with low resolution rather than employ the flash.  A flash can be your friend, but my love of nature light wins almost every time.  So with low resolution, sometimes black and white is my go to.  

Here are a few favorites in colour and in black and white.  

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