Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A modern-day barn raising

An anonymous donor gifted a 4-plex to the Threshold Housing Society  to be used to house youth. Located in Victoria, this building is in a prime location because of its proximity to transit and will house up to 8 vulnerable youth.  But it needs a massive renovation to make it safe and sustainable for years to come. It needs a HeroWork Radical Reno!  

multiple contractors collaborating

If you see yourself or part of your team in an image, message me and I would love to send you a hi-res digital copy.

refurbishing donated pieces
getting into small spaces



takes a lot of donations

a gift of massage for volunteers


doesn't every project needs a mascot?


a lot of work



some people don't need a ladder

well fed

Leona Fowler's photo shows that volunteer shirts indeed need to vary in sizes!

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